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User guide in English?


Do you have a user guide in English?

We want to use Synesty Studio, if possible, to interface to our supplier/ manufacturer HARTJE (Germany) supporting the VeloConnect. We want to get product data information into our Business system/ web shop  (import as XML format).

If there is no user manuals in English available could you give me a short description how we could use Synesty studio to test this connection to our partner HARTJE? What info need we from Hartje (user id / password to their system we have) to use the Veloconnect and XML Synesty Add on?

Thank you and best regards

Tore Sæther


Mob.: +47-41462399


Hi Tore,

you could try Google Translate for our Documentation with these links:

In the first link we added explanation on how to test the connection under "My Account / My Connections / Veloconnect. 


The Synesty Studio backend itself can be switched to english language. Most pages should be translated (with some exceptions ;) )


After account configuration we recommend to start build a simple flow with the step "VeloconnectTextSearch" (second link above). If you see product data, then fine. 
You can continue build the flow which exports the data. 

Usually you continue with Steps like SpreadsheetMapper, SpreadsheetCSVWriter and FTPUpload to create an indivual CSV-File which you upload to your FTP. 

If you need an XML file instead of a CSV file then you could check out this Cookbook

I now try to make a flow using VeloConnect getItemList but there is one parameter I am not able to set the spreadsheet configuration. What spreadsheet shall I configure and how. I only get a black screen when I try this, nothing to select, ...

I find your Studio quite confusing, sorry

Thanks for your feedback. 

Could you please try using VeloconnectTextSearch instead of VeloconnectGetItemList?

VeloconnectItemList expects a Spreadsheet with SellersItemIDs. In order to get the SellersItemIDs you first need to fetch products using VeloconnectTextSearch

Thank you for your answer. OK. I will try to run the VeloconnectTextSearch but find the navigation on the Synesty Studio so confusing so I am not able to figure out how to do that. I have been able to run the VeloconnectArtikelWbrufen and got answer from the Hartje site. But to be honest I am not sure how I navigate to get this done.

Can you help me with a step to step procedure how I shall be able to run the VeloconnectTextSearch and later on the VeloconnectGetItemList.

Sorry that I find your Synesty very confusing, but the lack of English text may be some of the reason for this.

Thank You and best regards


Oh what happen to the message I just wrote?

OK I try again.

I want to run VeloconnectTextSearch but because I find the navigation on the Synesty Studio very confusing I am not able to figure out how to do this. Can you please help me with a simple step to step procedure,how to navigate to issue this VeloconnectTextSearch.

Thank you and best regards


Basically this page shows this in german

The first step would be to get a connection to your supplier up and running. 

1. Go to My Account / My Connections 


2. Go to Veloconnect

3. Create a new Connection there and fill out all the credentials.

4. After saving press the "Test connection" button. 

Which result do you get on step 4? Please provide a Screenshot. 


Sorry, we forgot to mention: 

The "Test connection" button can only be found in the new User-Interface which you can activate on the Login page. This Test Connection is a new feature which was added just recently and new stuff only goes to the new User interface only.


Hi Tore,

we will paste your ticket response: 


Yes then I found the Test Connection Button.
SUCSESS: Received Veloconnect profil:
GetStatus (Binding: URL)
GetStatus (Binding: XML-POST)
GetItemDetails (Binding: URL)
GetItemDetails (Binding: XML-POST)
TextSearch (Binding: URL)
TextSearh (Binding: XML-POST)
GetClasificationScheme (Binding: URL)
GetClassificationScheme (Binding: XML-POST)
Order (Binding: URL)
Order (Binding: XML-POST)

So what is next step?


This is good. 

Now you can continue building a Flow like in this example:

You can install and use this template.

After you installed the template you can start configuring it. 

1. Choose the account you created earlier and save variables.


2. Then use the Step-Preview (the little eye-icon) to see if you get products.


If you see a popup with product data you are good and can try running the whole flow. 


Running a flow executes each step from top to bottom.

In the example template there is a SpreadsheetDatastoreWriter step which writes the products in a datastore. 

You can also exchange this step and e.g. use a SpreadsheetCSVWriter and FTPUpload to create a CSV file.

This is the basic idea. You can then build on that to create more complex and automated integration processes. 

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