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JTL connector for Shopify


I have a Shopify store, I want to retrieve my products directly from JTL. 

I need to show inventory in real time to keep track of qty in stock. 

Can I achieve the above using synesty connectors? 

Let me know if u have any documentation links. 

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in order to get data out of JTL , a way would be to export your product / stock data via the JTL-export tools and e.g. push them to your FTP-server. 

From there you can fetch the file with Synesty in a regular interval, map the data and push it to Shopify. That's the basic idea. 

There is a template for creating products in Shopify using product data in a CSV file. You can try out this template in the free test period and replace the example CSV file with your data from JTL.  

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