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Accept orders on Mirakel



I'm trying to accept orders on Mirakel but I have HTTP status code error: 400, with Postman everything works.


Here is the step to reproduce:


1) UrlDownload <-- to donwload the orders. that works

{GET} api/orders


2) VisualJSON2Spreadsheet


3) SpreadsheetFilter <-- to select only the orders with WAITING_ACCEPTANCE


4) SpreadsheetMapper <-- everything works perfectly


5) SpreadsheetUrlDownload



{PUT} /api/orders/${orders_arrorder_id!}/accept <-- I'm not sure what to do here because I need the row from the SpreadsheetMapper with the order ID (orders_arr.order_id) to be in the link




  "order_lines": [{

    "accepted": true,

    "id": "${orders_arrorder_lines_arrorder_line_id!}" <-- again here I don't know what to do, I need the row from SpreadsheetMapper





Is this the correct method?

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Hello Nicolas,

you can iterate over a Spreadsheet in the URLDownload Step using the list command like this: 

<#list spreadsheet@SpreadsheetMapper_20.getRows() as row> (You can get the "spreadsheet@SpreadsheetMapper_20" source using the preview funtion of your source spreadsheet)


Inside the list you can access the column of the current row like this: row.get("columName").

Sadly I don't know how your Spreadsheet looks like so I can't give any more precise tips.

I hope I were able to help.



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