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I have created the flow but in step 6, which I have found in the datastore even after.

I am attaching the screenshot.


(27.1 KB)


I have enabled the option of Enable Auto Extend scheme but still its no taking all the columns from the previous step.

Ok, then we need a few more screenshots from you. 

1. A screenshot from the step preview of the previous step where we can see the column you are looking for.

2. A screenshot from the SpreadsheetDatastoreWriter configuration (all options, but especially the identifier). 


Thank you for the reply.

In step 7 (Spreadsheet Append) , I need to combine the 3 spreadsheets from the previous steps but when I am adding the 3rd spreadsheet from step 6, it shows me an error and doesnt allow me to add.I need to add 3 spreadsheets as I want the Artikels data, Price and the Stock Data in one spreadsheet.

Kindly check my flow.Please find the attached screenshot.

(111 KB)

Hi Kartik,

I could not reproduce the error.

I checked your flow and it seems that you want to have all records at the end you have inserted or updated with some SpreadsheetDataStoreWriters before in this flow.

There are two other ways to get the imported or updated records.

The first way is to use the processing status for the records and you set e.g. INPROCESS for all inserted or updated records.

With SearchDatastore you can search for all records at the end which have this status. 

Please note that you have to set all records to an initial status (e.g. UNPROCESSED) afterwards to have it not in the next run.

The second and smarter way is to you use the FlowRunID in the SearchDatastore (see option flowRun). This will give you back all inserted and/or updated records of the current flow run.

Please note that there should be no other flow running at the same time using this datastore.


Heiko Woywodt


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